Add Transitions AVS Video Editor

Add Transitions AVS Video Editor Guide

To make your video clips flow smoothly, you must add Transitions. Adding it is needed when there are several clips that are placed to the Timeline/ Storyboard Area. To do it, drag the transitions and put them into the Timeline/ Storyboard Area. You are advised to use the Storyboard view or the transition express menu.

The steps of adding transitions:

  • Go to the Menu Panes. Click the Transitions.
  • Use the Storyboard Viewbutton to swap into the Storyboard view.
  • Select the transition that you want to add into your videos. Press the transition and continue clicking the button, drag and drop it into the rectangle between the video clips.
  • Another way is that by choosing a rectangle in the middle of to movie clips at the Storyboardin which a transition should be added. Click the transition that you choose by clicking the right mouse button and choose one of the menus:

  • Add or Replace transitionmenu – choose this menu if you want to add a transition on a rectangle that you have chosen before. The rectangle is in between two clips at the Storyboard
  • Apply Transition to Allmenu – choose this menu if you want to add transition in all rectangle between the clips in theStoryboard
  • Apply Random Transitions menu – choose this menu for adding random transitions between the videos in the Storyboard menu.

That’s how to add transitions on AVS Video Editor